Opening the UK Market to International Business

Do you have a desire to go beyond your home market to develop and build your brand in the United Kingdom?


The United Kingdom has a population of +60 million inhabitants, is the 2nd largest economy in Europe and can be considered an “early adopter” market for new technology, latest trends as well as innovations. So, why not sell in the UK? Maybe you have tried in the past to sell via an eComm platform? Perhaps your product performed OK, but there is a view that it could have performed better?

If only there was a way to increase brand awareness, open up other eComm platforms as well as "Bricks and Mortar" retailers to list and promote your products. In our experience, business leaders consider opening a local office and employ experienced people that they can trust. However, there are always conserns of cost, management time, overseas employment laws, Customs/Tax restrictions & processing RMA returns etc.

BREXIT has also been a big decider for many European businesses. Prior to BREXIT it may have been easier to enjoy UK sales, expand onto new platforms but now are faced with UK Customs “red tape”, UK Tax regulations and employment laws that are strict and onerous. Some European businesses have decided to forgo the UK Market altogether for the above reasons but that could be a big mistake, they are missing out on what is a great opportunity. If this sounds like something your business has thought about or gone through then we at The Smoother Circle would be pleased to talk with you.


We can offer a low-cost, flexible start-up or a long term solution to bring your business alive in the United Kingdom.
We can offer a complete solution for you that we can either run on your behalf or assist you only in areas where you feel you need help. We are flexible in our approach and can do as much or as little as you feel you need. We will bill you monthly, you don’t need to worry about UK employment law as we are domicile in the UK, you don’t need to worry about premises cost, we are experienced and can offer a “turn key” solution quickly.

Completely flexible solution, use as many or as few of our services as you require.

Experienced directors with a fraction of a full time salary. You will be charged for only the services you require. We can introduce you to key-trusted partners where necessary to be billed directly.

We have real-world hands-on experience of improving brand awareness, whether it be advising on Brand Design, developing a clear Corporate Communication strategy, packaging, web, Social Media, seminars & exhibition presence.

We work with key trusted accountancy partners to set up a legal entity (including VAT registration) to enable oversees businesses to be able to trade in the UK.

With over 35 years experience in imported and exporting goods, we are well equipped to answer any concerns you have.

We work with key-trusted warehouse providers who offer integrated pick and pack warehouse solutions.

What We Do

Our Directors have over 60 years of combined knowledge in areas of product Sales / Marketing / Import / Export / Warehousing and Distribution.
We can offer:

Sales/Marketing analysis

We can help you redefine your key Commercial strategies, by gaining a clear understanding of the goals of the organisation, potentially realigning the Vision/ Mission statements, working on your USP’s, analysing the competition & finally building a effective Sales & Marketing strategy.

English language content check

We can check & amend your web content, Social Media output, product instructions, product apps & marketing collaterals etc. to ensure that your key messages are written in native English.

Telephone Support

We can provide local UK telephone numbers that can be re-routed to your Customer Support teams.

Product returns

We can manage and organise RMA product returns.

Knowledge base

Practical knowledge of eComm platforms, product setup and management.

Access to high street retailers

Through our network, we have access to key "Bricks and Mortar" high street retail buyers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can provide you a tailor made quote just for your needs.

We carefully check there is no conflict of interest with existing clients before any new customer is accepted.

We will introduce you to a key trusted accountancy partner who will register a legal entity and manage any VAT returns on your behalf.

Yes, subject to terms and conditions, we are open for discussion.

We would always recommend that you set up a legal entity with our accountancy partner to ensure you can reclaim VAT. If we were to import your product in our name, it would mean we would have to buy them before we can legally reclaim the VAT, meaning we would be acting as a distributor.

We would only be able to offer services for products that can be sold legally in the UK. We would not be able to offer any service for goods that are deemed contraband, counterfeit, live animals, tobacco, pornographic etc.


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